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Zerg Rush: Newest Google’s Easter Egg, a tribute to Starcraft Video Game

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Google’s newest Easter EggZerg Rush,” Google’s tribute to Starcraft video game. Are you ready to defense your search results? Hold your mouse, aim, and click, the invasion of Google colored “o” will begin as soon as the search results page loaded right after the word search “zerg rush” on Google’s search engine. Watch the video below on how to unlock the Google’s “Zerg Rush.”


Google Zerg Rush, a tribute to Starcraft

Zerg Rush version of Google is an aim-and-shoot game brought us by its newest Easter Egg. In the game “Starcraft” zerglings are originally the smallest combat unit in the race of Zerg, small, fast, and deadly.

Your browser will be invaded by “evil zerglings” in the form of lowercase Os that eat up all the content on the page. Zerglings will quickly absorb everything, so better be much quicker and click furiously over each Google zerglings.

Watch out for the enemy zerglings not only from the top of browser but also sneak up from all over your screen including the bottom, so better be alert.

At the end, zerglings still wins the battle. The faster you eliminate those Os, eventually, more zergling (Os) are coming and eat up everything on your screen. Until everything on your screen is clear, the incoming Os are now slowly forming the two big letters “G” or “GG” to officially end the game, to congratulate you on a “Good Game.”

And finally, you can share your score on Google+, Google’s social network.

How to unlock Google Zerg Rush
Video Credit: YouTube/MagicMarkF

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