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Worlds Most Expensive Coffee: Elephant Poop Coffee fills a $50 cup

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Worlds Most Expensive Coffee Elephant Poop Coffee fills a $50 cup

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Looking for a well refined and great taste of coffee, well, it will only cost you a $50 per cup. The worlds most expensive coffee is came from an Elephant Poop known as the “Black Ivory Coffee”.

The rare and most expensive coffee was made from subtle process of an elephant’s digestive system.

This exclusive coffee was served in a hotel from northern Thailand where 20 elephants are being kept, coddle and feed by Thai Arabica beans in a lush nature.

The Black Ivory Coffee, $50 per cup well refined processed, well go through from eating of beans and crap them out together with the elephants poop. The next steps, pick out the beans, clean them, and send them to a roaster for the final coffee process.

As stated in Associated Press report on NBCnews, the Black ivory Coffee is not just one of the world’s most unusual specialty coffees but it also the world’s priciest, it will cost $1,100 per kilogram ($500 per pound).

Reports also added that the $50 coffee serving was only served at a few luxury hotels in remote corners of the world, northern Thailand where it originates, then Maldives and now in Abu Dhabi.

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