Woman Swallowed by Escalator to Saves Son’s Life in Chinese Shopping Mall

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Woman swallowed by escalator to saves son’s life in Chinese shopping mall on Sunday, July 26, 2015. As stated in the Chinese news site, the mother was able to manage to save her son but failed to escaped to her *death*. The video footage may be disturbing to some viewers, watch the video below.

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Woman Swallowed by Escalator in China. Watch the video below.

The video footage recorded by the mall CCTV shows a woman and her child is having a normal ride on an escalator but suddenly, they slips through a metal panel ramp at the top of an escalator in a shopping center in China.

The 30-year-old mother saves her son immediately as she about to fall through the escalator shaft and vanished immediately. The video also shows the shopping mall employees standing near the platform was extend help to the boy’s mother but it’s too late.

The woman swallowed by escalator in a mall in Jingzhou, China is identified as Xiang Liujuan by the Chinese news site.

The firefighters and rescue team worked for more than four hours to retrieve the lifeless woman swallowed by escalator.

Watch the video below of the woman swallowed by escalator.

Credit: Youtube/Owner/Uploader

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