Venus Palermo: The 15-year-old living Doll, How did Venus Angelic do it? (Video)

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The new video star of YouTube Venus Palermo known as “Venus Angelic” is getting known in the web because of his Barbie doll looks which makes her the 15-year-old living doll. How did Venus Angelic do it? Venus Angelic will explain how to imitate the look of ball-jointed doll (or BJD), dolfie doll, or Asian doll.

Venus Palermo 15-year-old living Doll

Venus Palermo 15-year-old living Doll Photo - Image Credit: venusangelic.com

As Venus explains you too could be look like a doll with some over-sized pupil contacts, plastic-sheen-effect powder, and pure white eye shadow.

Venus describes that you have to create a base that makes your skin appear smooth like porcelain, to do this you need to use a moisturizer and must be applied with stimulating strokes into your skin. Below is the complete video of Venus Palermo also known Venus Angelic on “How to make-up to look like a doll?”


Video Credit: YouTube/VenusAngelic

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