Venus Palermo White Blouse and Perfect School Styling (Photos and Video)

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Venus Palermo White Blouse combination absolutely the way she want in creating balance between different colours and body proportion, and the perfect School styling with your usual school outfit but making your face much more prettier without letting people notice that you’re actually wearing makeup.

As Venus Angelic shows the photos, you can manage and combine different outfits on your simple white blouse for your great and perfect Spring fashion.

Im a girl, and I like girly things,! Venus said.

Below are the Photos of Venus Palermo also known Venus Angelic wearing simple white blouse combined with different outfits and accessories.

Venus Angelic Pink Collage

White blouse combined with pink frilly pants. Because those are high-waist pants, I tucked the blouse in, but because the frill isn't too dominant, it's also cute when the blouse hangs over the pants. I use white lace tights instead of socks to create a balance between different colours and body proportion. Info/Image Credit: VenusAngelic website


Venus Angelic Latzhose Collage

Because both the blouse and the overall's colours are neutral, I wear a red ribbon. Red is a more dominant colour and gives the outfit a feeling. Without anything colourful on my head the outfit would be a bit cold, right? Info/Image Credit: VenusAngelic website


Venus Angelic polka dot collage

First and most important thing: I tried to imitate a pop art look. lol. As you see it consists of only black and white. But white is dominant. I don't like black as the dominant colour because it makes me look even MORE pale (in a bad way, i mean, haha XD) Also a pro of this outfit is that it looks classy, but you are still able to move awkwardly (see pic bottom right, lol XD) thanks to this handy white blouse and the skirt's nylon belt! haha. Info/Image Credit: VenusAngelic website


Below is the complete video of Venus Palermo also known Venus Angelic on Perfect School Styling.

Video Credit: YouTube/VenusAngelic

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