Valeria Lukyanova “Human Barbie Doll” Sexy Photos in Chrome collection

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Valeria Lukyanova is known as the real-life Human Barbie Doll. The famous Ukranian “living Barbie” is getting more interest by the public, recently become famous in the social networking sites such as Youtube and facebook.

Valeria Sexy Fashion photos

Image Credit: Valeria Lukyanova Russian social-networking account

The Ukranian Barbie doll seems to be very happy of being a model and mostly in what she doing right now.

“Im happy I seem unreal…It means I’m doing a good job.” Valeria said.

Below are some of the most recent sexy photos of Valerya Lukyanova “Human Barbie Doll” in attractive underwear and fashion wear.

Valeria Sexy Photos hereValeria Lukyanova rare sexy photo collection


*All Images credited to Valeria Lukyanova Russian social-networking account and to the photographer.

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