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Surgeons Left 16 items in German Cancer Patient

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Surgeons Left 16 items in German Cancer Patient

Image Credit: PublicHealth Watchdog

A German cancer patient family plan to file a suit against a hospital after Surgeons left 16 items in body after an operation.

Dirk Schroeder, 74-year-old was undergo operation for prostate cancer in year 2009 and Surgeons allegedly left 16 Medical items in his body including a needle, according to reports of several international news sites on Thursday, January 17, 2013.

The ex-banker family is now looking for over $120,000 damages for his suffering who died last year.

Reports say that the operation was successful except for the reality that Surgeons left 16 items in the body of Schroeder, such as a needle, swabs, 6-inch role of bandage, surgical strips, as well as a portion of a surgical mask.

The medical malpractice results in suffering from pain, the wound healed badly and go through two extra surgical operations in order to clear-out all the 16 medical items left from Schroeder’s body.

Schroeder’s family lawyer, Annette Corinth stated that:

“I hope the hospital will settle but otherwise the family are prepared to go all the way and sue in court. The family of the *deceased* spent lots of money on care, medicines and reconstruction of their home to look after this man. There has been gross negligence here which most probably had led to complications and possibly a quicker *death.*”

Hospital spokesman for the Protestant Church-linked organization that runs the hospital declined that one of their surgeons left 16 items inside of Schroeder’s body.

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