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Superman in shackles: Man of Steel movie poster revealed

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Superman in Shackles

Man of Steel: Superman in Shackles
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

The new Superman movie poster revealed, “Superman in shackles”. Movie goers are now mystified on the Man of Steel new movie poster where Superman in chains.

The Superman new movie titled Man of Steel is set to hit the theater on June 2013, under Warner Bros., directed by Zack Snyder.

Henry Cavill will play as our new Clark Kent aka “Superman” guardian of the Earth with superhuman abilities. An alien child sent to earth from his vanishing planet, live and rise on earth by a couple from the rural area of Kansas. Becomes a journalist of the newspaper “The Daily Planet” as his cover while protecting his new home, the Earth.

Cavill recently stars in the in the 2012 movie “The Cold Light of Day” and characterized Theseus of “King Theseus of Rhodes” in 2011 movie “Immortals”.

The new Superman movieMan of Steel” in still on post-production and has an estimated budget of $225,000,000, as stated in imdb.

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