Shark Tank Breaks In China Shopping Mall (Video)

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Shark Tank Breaks In China Shopping Mall

Image Credit: YouTube/iyuui dsarf

Shark tank breaks in China shopping mall, a 33-ton tank filled with “Lemon Sharks” cracked and shattered at Shanghai’s Orient Shopping Center on December 19, 2012.

The Shopping Center CCTV captured the actual breaks in of an aquarium filled with sharks and other sea creatures. The shark tank was exploded and sends flying shards and ton of waters to mall visitors and employees, as stated in the reports of several international news sites.

The Shark Tank Breaks In mall injured fifteen people, eight shoppers and seven mall workers and three sharks died. Lemon sharks are known to be harmless or no threat to human.

Police are still investigating the case what cause the sharks flooding a mall due to the aquarium breaks in the Shopping center.

Watch the video below of Shark Tank Breaks In China Shopping Mall.

Shark Tank Breaks In China Shopping Mall Video
Video Credit: YouTube/iyuui dsarf

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