Shark Found Swims in Front Yard due to Hurricane Sandy

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A shark found swimming in front yard of a house in New Jersey as a result of the storm on Monday, October 29, 2012. The remarkable photo of shark swimming is now going viral in internet and social networking sites, “Shark found in front yard” and “Sharks in the street”. 

The sharks amazing photo found swimming in the front yard and street was reported by WBTW. Report says that the shark images were originally uploaded by Kevin P McCarty on his Facebook account.

Kevin uploaded several photos of remarkable flooded scene from Brigantine, New Jersey brought by Hurricane Sandy. And two of this images if a sea life brought by high surf in the city, as of this writing the two amazing shark images is now going viral in the social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, “shark in the front yard” with almost 7,000 shares and “sharks in the street” with almost 6,000 shares.

See the amazing shark photos below.

Shark in the front yard

Shark found in the front yard

Image Credit: Kevin P McCarty Facebook account


Sharks in the street

sharks in the street of New Jersey

Image Credit: Kevin P McCarty Facebook account


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