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Samsung’s Transparent ‘Smart Window’

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Living in the world of transparent technology, right here right now! The new Samsung transparent Smart Window will make your home like from the scene in 2002 film Minority Report starring Tom Cruise. Transparent Smart Window is a combination of touchscreen computer and window.

Transparent Smart Window

Samsung Transparent Smart Window - Ashley Esqueda (Mobile Nation Video Delegate) shows the features of Transparent Window in Las Vegas, CES 2012.

Samsung Smart Window is a 46 inch giant transparent display you can use as window with a touchscreen technology.

Have you imagined having a touchscreen window installed in every rooms of your house, closing and opening ‘blinds’ digitally or a window type giant tablet, this Smart Window can perform a variety of functions familiar to tablets available in the market right now. Samsung Transparent Smart Window will make you freak out.




Samsung’s Transparent ‘Smart Window’

Video Credit: Youtube/ MobileNations


According to reports, the mass production of Samsung’s Transparent Smart Window later this year.



Samsung’s Transparent ‘Smart Window’

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