Real-Life Snakes on a Plane: Python Snake on Qantas Airplane (Video)

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Python Snake on Qantas Airplane Real-life Snake on a plane

Nine-foot Python Snake on Qantas Airplane, Real-life “Snakes on a plane”
Image Credit: YouTube screen grab

It’s a real-life “Snakes on a Plane,” but no Samuel Jackson an FBI agent on board and it’s not going bound to Los Angeles, a Snake on Qantas Airplane spotted by passengers on board.

The Qantas flight 191 Cairns, Australia to Port Moresby, Papua new Guinea was flying halfway were the passenger surprised to look whats on the wing of the plane, a nine foot Python Snake on Qantas airplane.

Passengers took video with their cellphone to record the reptile that hitched a ride on the wing of the plane, as you can see on the video below.

According to Qantas spokesman Thomas Woodward:

“The snake was seen by passengers while the aircraft was cruising. The most likely scenario is that the snake had taken refuge on the exterior of the aircraft overnight.”

“On arrival the snake carcass was handed to local authorities and the aircraft was inspected by engineers before being cleared to fly.”

As stated on the Reuters reports, the snake managed to hold on under the wing of the plane for the duration of 1 hour and 50 minutes. The Qantas flight 191 traveling at about 250 mph and having a 10 degrees Fahrenheit temperature outside the plane.

The poor reptile-nine foot Python Snake on Qantas airplane didn’t make it to survive until it was landed.

Watch the video news report below of a Real-Life Snakes on a Plane.

Real life Snakes on a Plane, nine-foot Python Snake on Qantas Airplane video
Video Credit: YouTube/flatbeat101/FairfaxMedia

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