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Real-life ‘Sleeping Beauty’: Girl Slept for 64 Days

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A teenager from Pennsylvania slept for 64 days is now a real-life “sleeping beauty”. Nicole Delien reportedly the girl slept for 64 days from last year’s Thanksgiving Day celebration up to January this year.

Nicole Delien

Image Credit: Mail Online /Delien Family

Nicole Delien, 17-years-old, on several international news sites reports stated that Delien is started to sleep last year Thanksgiving day until January this year, whick took her 64 days sleeping mode, the longest so far.

Delien “the real-life sleeping beauty” is suffering from a very rare condition called Kleine-Levine, also known as “Sleeping beauty Syndrome”.

Delien sleeping mode makes her awake in a confused state for a short period of time and allow her to take meal and do bathroom thing and go back to sleep.

Nicole more often sleep in 18 to 19 hours a day and she eat in a sleep walking state and remember nothing, Vicki says, mother of Nicole.

The Delien family guested on Jeff Probst’s syndicated talk show this week to open the awareness of other families of the said “Sleeping beauty Syndrome”.

Nicole’s medication to cure the rare disorder is already taking care of including some suggestions on how to mange it based on the findings of a doctor from Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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