Oldest living thing is a 200,000 year-old-giant seagrass(Video Archive)

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The oldest living thing was a 200,000-year-old giant seagrass, recently discovered by scientists in the Mediterranean Sea, according to reports, Researchers disclosed the age of this oldest living thing on earth by collecting samples on the sea. Below this post, a Video archive collecting samples from Hesperides Science, Prof Carlos Duarte stated, “Also it contains the oldest organisms on earth and a broad diversity of different ways to resolve the problems of becoming a life.”

Posidonia oceanica

Image Credit: plosone.org

According to reports by several international news sites, the oldest living thing known as “Posidonia oceanica” is likely to be at least 100,000 years old, and could be up to 200,000 years old. Samples were collected in 40 different sites over a span of 2,000 miles from Spain to Cyprus to determine the age of the seaweed patches.

Prof Carlos Duarte, from the University of Western Australia explained that the oldest living thing long life because it can reproduce asexually, generate clones of itself and also due to their ability to store nutrients in their long branches.

The seaweed patches stretching for 10 miles and weighs 6,000 tons and spread very slowly and eventually covering large areas. However, due to climate change, Duarte believes that the seagrass is on a decline. “If climate change continues, the outlook for this species is very bad,” he said.

The concern is that while posidonia oceanica meadows have thrived for millennia, their current decline suggests they may no longer be able to adapt to the unprecedented rate of global climate change.” Duarte added.


Video Credit: YouTube /abc.net.au

Video archive collecting samples from Hesperides Science
Oldest living thing is a 200,000 year-old-giant seagrass(Video Archive)

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