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Oldest Elephant Herd Revealed in Prints (Photos)

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The oldest Elephant herd revealed in prints by Palaeontologists working in the United Arab Emirates, the most extensive set of fossilized mammal footprints discovered, according to reports by several international news sites on Wednesday, February 22, 2012. Below this post Oldest Elephant Herd Revealed in Prints, are the photos and simulated oblique view of the 7-million year old Mleisa.

Oldest Elephant Herd

A simulated oblique view of the 7-million year old Mleisa 1 trackways with digitized Stegotetrabelodon elephants inserted. Image Credit: Mauricio Anton/Discovery News

The uncovered elephant footprints were reported in a new study in the British journal Royal Society Biology letter. The 7 million-years-old elephant footprints were the oldest of their kind and possibly the longest and oldest trail in the world.

The oldest elephant herd footprints found has allowed the scientist to recreate how elephants lived 7 million years ago.

This is an absolutely unique site, a really rare opportunity in the fossil record that lets you see animal behavior in a way you couldn’t otherwise do with bones or teeth,” said researcher Faysal Bibi, at the Museum for Natural History in Berlin.

Reports added, when the researchers saw it in aerial view, that’s the time they realized how big and wide the elephant herd footprints cover, an area of 12.3 acres (5 hectares), equivalent to nine U.S. football fields or seven soccer fields.

Oldest Elephant Herd revealed

The ancient elephant tracks go off into the distance. Image Credit: Faysal Bibi/Discovery News

Once we saw it aerially, it became a much different and clearer story,” said researcher Brian Kraatz at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. “Seeing the whole site in one shot meant we could finally understand what was happening.”






Until January 2011, the fossils trail is known to be a dinosaurs or giants of ancient myth footprints.

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