Ohio Sinkhole: 200 Foot Long Road Collapse in Dover (video)

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Ohio sinkhole

Ohio sinkhole, 200 foot long road collapse
Image Credit: ODOT District 11

A huge sinkhole in Ohio land has consumed away part of the state highway and leaving a 200 foot long road collapse in Dover Township

The Ohio sinkhole sudden collapse of a 200-foot-long and land in Dover as several international news sites reported. More or less 50 feet of state Route 516 collapsed for the sinkhole, according to ODOT.

Report says no one was injured, and there was no damage to any vehicles or nearby homes.

ODOT crews are now closing the road as precautions; roads included are Bair Road and Josephine Street.

A section of SR 516 has eroded due to the pond failure. Our engineers are currently reviewing the extent of damage to the roadway to determine necessary repairs,” stated by Lloyd MacAdam, ODOT District 11 Deputy Director, in a news statement.


Ohio sinkhole, 200 foot long road collapse – Video
Video Credit: YouTube/Lidion Kulla

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