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Obama’s 10-Year-Old Pen Pal (Full Transcript)

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Obama’s 10-Year-Old Pen Pal, Sophia Bailey-Klugh sends letters to the President of United States for the second time and she receive a response from the president. Below is the image copy-full transcript of Sophia’s message, President Obama’s 10-Year-Old Pen Pal.

Sophia Bailey-Klugh personal message to the President.

Obama’s 10-Year-Old Pen Pal Full Message

Image Credit: Facebook /Jonathan Bailey


President Obama’s encouraged to respond because of the heart-warming message from a 10-year-old child. Sophia thanking the President for his position about the same-sex marriage, which happens that the girl has two father.

As the Obama’s 10-Year-Old Pen Pal wrote.

Dear Barack Obama,

“It’s Sophia Bailey Klugh your friend who invited you to dinner. You don’t remember okay that’s fine. But I just wanted to tell you that I am so glad you agree that two men can love each other because I have two dad and they love each other.”

President Obama response to Sophia, emphasize to her friends at school regarding the Golden Rule: “A good rule is to treat others the way you hope they will treat you.

 “Thanks again for taking the time to write me,” he continued. “I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to dinner, but I’ll be sure to tell Sasha and Malia you say hello.”

The image transcript of Obama’s 10-Year-Old Pen Pal was uploaded by one of Sophia’s fathers, Jonathan Bailey, on his Facebook account dated October 28.

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