NFL playoffs: Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos, Ravens made it in Double Overtime

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NFL playoffs Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos Goes Double Overtime

Ravens Broncos Playoffs – Baltimore Ravens tight end Ed Dickson (84) lifts Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones after Jones scored a touchdown against the Denver Broncos.
Image Credit: AP/Joe Mahoney

The roadway to NFL finals is rough and hard as these two teams meet with their playoff legacies on the line as the Ravens step on to Denver to take on the Broncos; the game battle that was really close is not yet ends in Overtime.

Joe Flacco hits a bomb to Jacoby Jones for a touchdown to help the Ravens tie the game with the Denver, a 70-yard score down the right sideline. With 31 seconds left before going overtime Peyton Manning takes a knee, amid a hail of taunts at Mile High, and 4th quarter ends, Ravens 35-Broncos 35.

Overtime takes harder for each team to take chances for both team veterans’ superstars Ray Lewis and Peyton Manning.

Even the road way to the Super Bowl is long and winding the Ravens wins, and got to be ready for the AFC championship game.

The games end 38-35 in double overtime. Below is the quarterly game scores and team leaders’ scoreboard for the Ravens-Broncos playoffs.

NFL Playoffs, Ravens vs Denver

Credit to NFL official website

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