Mega Millions winning numbers value $241M dollars | ENBLOW

Mega Millions winning numbers value $241M dollars

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Did you buy your ticket? Mega Millions winning numbers value $241,000,000 and it could be yours if you correctly match all six winning lottery numbers to take home the one of Mega Millions biggest jackpot.

Mega Millions jackpot price $241M dollars winning numbers are shown below.

Mega Millions 241 millions dollars

Mega Millions winning numbers - Image Credit: Mega Millions

According to Mega Millions winning tickets sold: Match 5 + 0: Winners in California(21), Idaho (1), Illinois(1), Indiana(2), Kentucky(3), Massachusetts(3), Maryland(1), Michigan(9), Missouri(2), New Jersey(5), New York(8), Ohio (2), Pennsylvania(2), South Carolina(1), Tennessee(1), Texas(4), Vermont(1) and Wisconsin (1).

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