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Kim Dotcom, Man behind Megaupload on house arrest

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Kim Dotcom the man behind Megaupload, living in wonderful life becoming wealthy computer maverick in establishing his famous file-sharing domain name ““, Kim is now on house arrest in New Zealand and forbidden to log on to the internet.

Kim Dotcom is Kim Schmitz

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According to reports of several international news sites, Kim Dotcom, was alleged by US authorities facilitated millions of illegal downloads of movies and music through his file-sharing website “Megaupload”. Dotcom, has been in custody since he was arrested last January 20, and last Wednesday February 22, 2012, he was granted bail and released in Auckland, New Zealand.

From Kim Schmitz change his name to Kim Dotcom, lived the high life and willingness to break the rules is now facing different charges and war on entertainment giants.

Based on the US Prosecutors, Kim Dotcom case could be the one of the largest copyright cases in history.

The German exile denies all the charges and was freed on bail after a month on jail and authorities have seized, among other things, his twin huge Television sets, giant statue of the “Predatormovie monster and his luxury car Rolls Royce. 

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