Identical Triplets: Three Identical Brothers Born in Pennsylvania (Video)

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Identical triplets born in Pennsylvania and happily welcome by their parents on Tuesday, June 5, 2012. The three identical brothers are named Daniel Jeffrey, Ryder James and Garrett Campbell, several international news sites reported on Friday, June 8, 2012.

Identical Triplets

Image Credit: Youtube/AP

Jennifer Price mother of the identical triplets was very happy. “The babies were born at 8:42, 8:43 and 8:44 so they were out quickly,” Jennifer Price said in an interview.

New born identical triplets father, Daniel Price, is also very happy and he told the interview that with the help of the wall to keep him on his feet as his wife gave birth to their three boys.

The parents of new born triplets have not yet noticed any significant birthmarks of their three sons.

So when you talk about coming from one egg that means identical triplets..,” according to Dr. Francis J. Martinez of Pinnacle Health. He also said that one in 500,000 births is very rare chance.


Identical Triplets: Three Identical Brothers Born in Pennsylvania – Video
Video Credit: AP/YouTube

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