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Human Barbie fake? Valeria Lukyanova claims she’s real (VIDEO)

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Valeria Lukyanova is now being accused to be a “Human Barbie fake,” and for Valeria this is an ordinary news for her after she decided to made herself a real life human barbie.

Valeria Human Barbie Doll

Valeria Lukyanova before and after applying make-up. Image Credit: Valeria social networking account

This is just an another day for the Human Barbie doll, lots of video and thousand of photos are now uploaded to the internet to tell the world that she’s real. And some of video of the human Barbie is telling how she feels about what people say about her.

Valeria Lukyanova before and after photos and Valeria Lukyanova profile are being search in this site, people are still looking to find out who really Valeria Lukyanova is.

As Valeria claims that she is real, a archive post from this article will tell: (Click here to view the complete article)

Valeria Lukyanova has not undergone any operation, the thin waist and chest is natural and she told the way of how she achieved the Barbie looks. She admits that she wears sharp blue contact lenses, the usual hair straightening and her own way of applying makeup tricks that help to get the Barbie looks results.

A video below shows Valeria Lukyanova in unmask face, Valeria no make looks and even no contact lenses. It’s up to you to decide whether she’s a “Human Barbie Doll” or “Human Barbie fake“.

Human Barbie fake? Valeria Lukyanova with no makeup and no lenses (Video)
Video Credit: YouTube/Amateu
After Valeria known to be the real life Human Barbie Doll and now being accused as “Human Barbie fake”, for me there is only one thing, Valeria Lukyanova the Human Barbie becomes phenomenon and maybe becomes the most search people in the internet this year 2012.

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