Halloween Costume: Baby LED Light Costume Goes Viral (Video)

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Trick or Treats Expect a spooky Halloween costume behind the doors but with this one, you will find it very cute and awesome Baby LED Light Costume aka LED Baby Stickman costume. This video has become freaky viral on the internet and social media sites.

The epic Halloween costume “Baby LED Light Suit” was originally made by Royce Hutain for her daughter. According to Royce her 22 month old daughter loves wearing the said LED Baby Stickman costume.

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Baby LED Light Costume.
Image Credit: Screen grab from the video

Royce uploaded the video on the YouTube and spread all the way through different social media sites where the video shows her daughter running from the dark wearing the glowing Baby LED Light suit.

As of this writing Royce video on Baby LED Light Suit Halloween costume reap 13.5 million hits in YouTube in just five days. Royce uploaded her daughter’s video wearing LED Baby Stickman costume last October 22, 2013.

Royce was very passionate about photography and lighting, after doing some experiment on various forms of light he inspired the creation of LED costume.

Royce’s daughter Halloween costume was very freaky cool and if you want this one Royce already identified a manufacturer to produce them. Royce stated that due to high demand of request to buy the LED Baby Stickman costume they will be soon available for sale.

Watch the video below of Baby LED Light Costume that goes viral in the internet.

Halloween Costume – Baby LED Light Costume Goes Viral
Video Credit: YouTube/Visual Burrito

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You can visit LED Baby Stickman official website here.

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