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Google ‘Let it snow’

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GoogleLet it snow’ the newest and coolest Easter egg for this season. Google will bring white Christmas to its user with “Let it snow”.

Let it Snow by Google

Let it snow by Google

Imagine your computer monitor turning in a transparent glass window with digital snowflakes falling in your window, while the frost sneaks in from the top and bottom of the screen. You will be excite, the effects of fogs up the entire window, and allowing you to draw or sketch images in it.

That’s how Googlelet it snow’ work.

How to do the GoogleLet it snow’.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Type ‘let it snow
  3. Press enter
  4. That’s it, the search engine will reward you with some lovely flurries.
  5. To resume using your browser normally, just press the “Defrost” button.

Merry Christmas everyone! Have fun, Let it snowlet it snow… by Google.



GoogleLet it snow

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