Giant Spider Dog Shocked People in the Streets (Video)

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What will you do if you cornered with a Giant Spider? This hilarious video will tell you what to do and find out why the Giant Spider Dog video goes viral in just 48 hours.

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Chica the Dogspider strikes. Image Credit: Screen grab from the video

The Mutant Giant Spider Dog also know “Chica the Dogspider” terrified people in the middle of the night. This eight-legged beast makes people panic and run for their lives was only a dog in costume.

Polish prankster Sylwester Wardega makes his pet dog Chica transform into a terrifying Giant Spider, a medium-sized black dog that dressed up in a huge spider outfit.

Chica the Dogspider disguised is scary enough to freak out anyone especially in the dark street or in a night calm subway where nobody is around.

As of this writing the Chica the Dogspider prank video already hits more than 25 million in Youtube in just 48 hours.

Watch the video below of the Giant Spider Dog prank.

Video Credit: SA Wardega/Youtube

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