Giant African Snails invaded Miami (Video and Photos)

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Giant African Snails invaded MiamiDade County, this Giant African Snails can grow up to 8 inches in length. Thousands of Giant African Snails are slowly crossing along the state and are leaving trails of eaten plants behind them, according to reports of several international news sites, Thursday, February 9, 2012.

Giant African snails

Image Credit: inquisitr.com

Investigations is on-going, US and Florida departments of agriculture have mobilized 34 agents to the battle the infestation and US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Reports said, Florida officials are have no idea how the Giant African Snails got into town, but one thing for sure these will have a severe effect on the ecosystem. Giant snails can consume not less than 500 different types of plants and can destroy stucco and plaster, added by Officials.

Citizen of southern Florida are now in panic in the invasion of Giant African snails for the potential crop damage, destroying of houses, disease and overall effect of their surrounding’s with the yucky and slimy coiled shell.

Suzi Distelberg, a district inspector for the Florida Department of Agriculture, says, “This is a big snail, a very big snail,” while she examines one of the shells with a gloved hand.

No it’s not empty, see… eeew. It’s very heavy, you can tell the snail is still in there.”

We’ve been told that they like to eat the stucco off the sides of the houses because it contains calcium, and the calcium helps to build their shells.”

In addition to this, according to ABC reports, Floridians have battled the snails in the past. In the 1960s a boy smuggled a few Giant African Snails into the country and raised them as pets. When his grandmother got tired of them, she released them in her garden. 10-years, $1 million, and 18,000 snails later Florida bid farewell to the giant snails.

It took the state 10 years to eradicate and it was a million dollar eradication program and that was in the late 1960s, early 1970s. Eighteen thousand snails were collected.” Feiber said, Denise Feiber, public information director for Florida’s Division of Plant Industry.

Video Credit: YouTube /AFP
Giant African Snails invaded MiamiDade County Video

Giant African Snails invaded Miami (Video and Photos)

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