Fake Storm Photos: Superstorm Sandy Fake Storm Photo Goes Viral

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Fake storm photo of Hurricane Sandy goes viral in the internet and social media networking sites, according to reports of several international sites on Tuesday, October 21, 2012.

Superstorm photos of different scenes, like soldiers on guard of unknown tomb, high waves on Statue of Liberty, creepy clouds over Manhattan, McDonalds flooded store, and lots more.

Below are some of the fake pictures from Hurricane Sandy goes viral on the internet and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Hurricane fake photos

Image Source: Mashable


Hurricane in Manhattan

Image Source: Mashable

Guarded unknown tomb

Image Source: Mashable


Sharks on street

Image Source: Mashable

McDonalds flooded due to Hurricane Sandy

Image Source: Mashable


All images above are credited to the owner and uploader.

Image source and information: Mashable

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