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Facebook removes elbows mistakenly appears like n!pple (Photo)

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Facebook removes elbows image of a girl mistakenly appears like *breast*. The girl’s elbow exactly appears like a woman’s private part of her body in an image uploaded on the social networking site Facebook.

Facebook Removes Girl's Elbow photo

Image Credit: Tumblr/ Web Magazine

As reported on several international news sites, Facebook removes elbow of a girl’s photo was mistakenly identified by the social networking site that appeared to be exposing her private part of her body which is not.

Based on the Facebook “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” 3.7, “You will not post content that: is hate speech, threatening, or *p0rn0graphic*; incites violence; or contains *nud!ty* or graphic or gratuitous violence”.

The Facebook removes elbows photo was now getting viral on the internet which uploaded by Web magazine. The image taken from a blog named “Theories of the Deep Understanding of Things”. As stated on their statement:

So here’s last night’s FB alertness test results: FB moderators can’t tell an elbow from a dangerous, filthy, uncanny and violent female *breast*. No questions were asked and the post is down. Imagine our surprise.

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