Facebook Dragon City: Earn Gems For Free

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It seems you’re looking for a gem? Need more gems for your Dragon City, new eggs for the new breed, place more habitats, built and upgrade structure like hatchery and habitats or maybe need more space for expansion. Well, let me share you something on how to earn Dragon City gems for free.

How to Earn Dragon City Free Gems

Image Credit: Facebook/ Dragon City Facebook App

The newest trending game in Facebook is now on the number one spot and over 10 million players are now playing. Breed comical and cool dragons, make them grow and prepare for combat in a world of magical islands.

Looking for your free gems too fast, huh, but you read it right! You can earn Dragon City Gems for FREE!

So to keep you playing and expanding your Dragon Empire you need to earn Dragon City Gems every now and then. Just follow these simple steps could help you to earn gems for free.

After login on Facebook and opening you’re Dragon City Facebook App, find and click “Earn Gems” on the menu tab of Dragon City App. Pop-up dialog box will appear and guide you with three simple steps on how to earn Dragon City Gems for free:

  1. Find an offer that is right for you.
  2. Complete the required actions.
  3. Enjoy your free Dragon City Gems.

Take a look at several options to choose from on how to earn you Dragon City Free Gems. Some options are simple and easy to have your Free Dragon City Gems while others not, buying some stuff from partners are required to get your free gems. It’s your choice, well, I guess we can stick to the simple and easy, but if you think you really need some stuff why not avail it online and enjoy the free gems.

  • Earn 5 Dragon City Gems – Complete the task from CrowdFlower
  • Earn 12 Dragon City Gems – Complete surveys from Opinion Surveys
  • Earn 25 Dragon City Gems – British food and drink product from British Corner Shop
  • Earn 37 Dragon City Gems – Flower items from Serenata Flowers
  • Earn 100 Dragon City Gems – Listen to Music while swimming! Waterproof MP3 Player from Wetplayer
  • Earn 225 Dragon City Gems – Jewerly items from Wizard Jewelry, Charm Arcade and Australian Jade

I said it free but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do something. Answering surveys and completing some task is not a big deal while waiting for hatching and breeding, free gems are waiting, let’s start and claim our Dragon City free gems.

Some reminders, you are not required to avail or buy something unless you want to. Information provided above is for blogging purpose only and credited to Dragon City App owner. For more information you can read Dragon City or merchant Terms Apply anytime for your safe transaction.

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