Epic Halloween Prank: Real Flying Ghost (Video)

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Epic Halloween Prank: Flying Ghost – Remote Controlled Reaper. Image Credit: Screen grab from the video

Ready for the Halloween party? So before your freaky Halloween make-up and Halloween costume in-place why not have a break with this epic Halloween prank, a real flying reaper caught on tape.

This epic Halloween prank was so funny and a little bit clever. A real flying ghost, yes! You read it right, it’s a remote controlled flying ghost made of remote controlled toy.

The remote controlled flying ghost was made by Tom Mabe and uploaded in YouTube.

Lots of user leaving their comments and others are asking Tom to share the construction details of the Epic Halloween prank real flying ghost. As of this writing Tom Mabe flying reaper epic Halloween prank reap 1.6 million view hits and almost four thousand comments, the video was uploaded last October 23, 2013.

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Watch the video below.

Epic Halloween Prank – Remote Controlled Flying Reaper
Video Credit: MabeInAmerica/YouTube

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