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Dramatic Ice Rescue Goes Terribly Wrong Caught on Tape (video)

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Dramatic Ice Rescue Goes Terribly Wrong Caught on Tape

Image Credit: Screenshot on Herman Video

A dramatic rescue on ice goes terribly wrong after a man fell into a frozen lake in California.

The winter sledding outing turned into a rescue operation after one of them, two of them, three of them and until nearly dozen of people fell into a frozen lake in Wrightwood, California, according to reports several international news sites.

The whole incident was caught on tape from the first rescue attempt that turned to chain reaction of people falling into the lake in the mountain of southern California.

As you can see the dramatic ice rescue goes terribly wrong caught on tape by Mickey Herman, after a man slip into the lake one person tried to help but suddenly fall also, and happened one after another that who tried to rescue.

Throwing of ropes and inner tubes initially failed, while the ice on the lake starts to break that turns the rescue attempt to chain reaction of slipping people into the frozen water of the lake.

You can also notice the voice of Herman on the video that calling for help.

According to Herman:

“When the people started going through the ice, it was just total panic. You saw people taking their belts off. It was just total chaos and out of control. We saw that poor guy, the first one to go in, it was obvious he didn’t know how to swim”.

“We thought that might be it. We wouldn’t see him again. Fortunately he came back up.”

Nine minutes later, the first man fell and the rest was already managed the rescue operation and every body was doing fine, according to reports.

Watch the video below of Dramatic Rescue on Ice: Sledding Excursion Goes Wrong.

Video Credit: YouTube/ABCnews/Mickey Herman

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