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David Blaine 1 million volts Electrifying new stunts (Video)

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David Blaine’s newest stunt is to electrify himself in 1 million volts of electricity and stay on it for the next 72 straight hours on Friday, October 5, 2012 in New York City

David Blaine 1 million volts electrifying new stunts

Image Credit: YouTube/TheNewYorkTimes

The famous US magician David Blaine is going to perform a new stunt, to stand in a million volts of electric currents and stay plugged without food for three days. “No food. Standing – no sitting. No rest,” he said.

On Blaine’s final preparation, the video of Electrified on 1 million volts for 72 hours, wearing futuristic chainmail suit and standing in a 20-foot pole in the middle of millions volts of electric currents streamed by seven Tesla coils inside a tent.

Being in the middle of a lightning storm, it feels so amazing, being in an environment you shouldn’t be in,” Blaine said.

David Blaine one million volts new stunts will take place on Friday, Oct. 5 at Pier 54 in Hudson River Park, in Manhattan, near West 13th street and will be open for public viewing.


David Blaine Electrified: One Million Volts Always On
Video Credit: YouTube/TheNewYorkTimes

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