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Chinese Fishermen Catch 1,360-pound Giant Fish (Photo and Video)

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A Chinese fishermen catch 1,360-pound giant Kaluga Sturgeon fish, the giant fish was caught in Heilongjiang River, Tongjiang in Northeast China, city that borders Russia, according to reports of several international news sites on Friday, May 18, 2012. Below is the video of the 1,360-pound Giant Kaluga Sturgeon fish.

Giant Fish

Image Credit: Reuters

Reports said that the Chinese Fishermen who caught the Giant Sturgeon fish is Chen Lin, the 614-kg giant Kaluga Sturgeon fish occupied the whole rowing boat of Lin. It took a dozen men including the Chen Lin to load the giant sturgeon onto a stretcher and carry it ashore. Chen Lin said that it was the biggest catch he had ever seen.

The Giant Kaluga Sturgeon (Huso dauricus) fish is female and currently carrying eggs, Lin and the help of other fishermen the giant fish has been taken to breeding centre.

The China Central television stated that, approximately 1.2m eggs carrying by Giant Kaluga Sturgeon will be collected and artificially inseminated. The resulting fry will be released back into the river system.

The Kaluga thought to have been around for 130 million years and believed to be largest freshwater fish in the world; and is a large predatory sturgeon only found in the Heilongjiang River basin.

Chinese Fishermen Catch 1,360-pound Giant Kaluga Sturgeon Fish Video
Video Credit: YouTube/365Wildfire/Telegraph

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