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Walmart Black Friday Deals: Huge Savings Start Now

Black Friday Deals 2016 at Walmart starts now, shop now and enjoy the Pre-Black Friday Sales only at Walmart.

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Clash of Clans Summer 2015 Update: Earthquake Spell is Ready to Rattle

Clashers clashing legacy is now bringing a more fun online experience. Using earthquake spell will give a significant damage boost for one attack that will sends shockwaves hitting through the ground. Earthquake spell is one of the three new spells from “Update 01/07 Dark Spell Factory”, watch the video.

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Student Hit By Car While Playing Clash of Clans in Manila

Everybody gets too busy texting in the birth of SMS and now the era of smartphones, people become much busier with tons of applications including games. Playing games using your mobile phone makes you sometimes insensitive about your surroundings.

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Walmart Black Friday Appliances One-hour Guarantee

Get the hottest deals on Black Friday Appliances and Electronic Gadgets with Walmart One-hour Guarantee. Save more with these amazing Walmart Black Friday 2014 deals.

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Chinese Man Buys 99 iPhone 6s units for Marriage Proposal

A Chinese man buys Apple‘s latest mobile phone but not just one, this Chinese guy wants to impress his girlfriend he wants to marry and buys 99 iPhone 6s. The Chinese programmer arranged 99 iPhones boxes in a heart shape for his proposal, but the man was turned down.

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iPhone 6 Price for Only $0

iPhone 6 price for only zero dollar amount, you can now experience the bigger and much better Apple iPhone 6 with no out of the pocket expense.

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iOS 8 Update: How to download Apple iOS 8 update

The newest update for your Apple devices is here, download update for iOS 8 is now available. Know more on how to update your Apple device.

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iPhone 6 Full Specs: Water Resistant and Shatterproof?

A few more hours and the official launching of Apple iPhone 6 is about to happen. The big surprise will reveal with iPhone 6 full specs, Apple’s biggest innovation since the iPhone.

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Walmart Tech Lover’s Price Rollback at Prices You’ll Love

Get gadgets you want at Walmart Tech Lover’s price rollback at prices you’ll love. Enjoy over thousands of new electronic and gadgets available online or in-store.

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Get your iPhone 5s Online

Finally Apple’s newest smartphone was available to purchase, just simply visit your favorite Apple Retail Store or an authorized reseller near you, or you can get your iPhone 5s online. Below this post is the simple steps on “How to purchased iPhone 5s online”.