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Student Hit By Car While Playing Clash of Clans in Manila

Everybody gets too busy texting in the birth of SMS and now the era of smartphones, people become much busier with tons of applications including games. Playing games using your mobile phone makes you sometimes insensitive about your surroundings.

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Job Opportunity: NASA Offers $170 Per Day To Lie In Bed

Earn $170.00 per day for just lying and resting in the bed for the whole duration of your contract and it’s not a joke. NASA will pay $18,000.00 for almost doing nothing but lie down in bed, “Sleeping Job” now hiring.

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MacMall Black Friday 2014: Early DoorBusters Up to 86% Savings

The Macmall Black Friday 2014 ads was already posted on its official website, offering a 36-hour early doorbusters in great deals on different Apple products and trusted brands.

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Amazon Pre- Black Friday Sale 2014 Updated Every 10-minutes

Shop now with Amazon Pre- Black Friday Crazy Deals, thousands of limited-time lightning deals for you to choose from updated every 10-minutes. Amazon 2014 Black Friday deals is the year’s lowest prices and sales on electronics, video games, DVDs, and more.

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Giant truck jumps over a speeding F1 Car (Video)

No camera trick pure stunt, witness the power of Formula 1 car in a record breaking act to set a new world record. Watch the video below why jump a giant semi-truck over a speeding Formula 1 car.

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Black Friday Prices: Sears Black Friday 2014 on the brand you want

Sears Black Friday 2014 deals is already announced, shop your way on the brand you want. Get the biggest savings from the wide range selection of electronics and appliances.

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Walmart Black Friday Appliances One-hour Guarantee

Get the hottest deals on Black Friday Appliances and Electronic Gadgets with Walmart One-hour Guarantee. Save more with these amazing Walmart Black Friday 2014 deals.

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Chinese Man Buys 99 iPhone 6s units for Marriage Proposal

A Chinese man buys Apple‘s latest mobile phone but not just one, this Chinese guy wants to impress his girlfriend he wants to marry and buys 99 iPhone 6s. The Chinese programmer arranged 99 iPhones boxes in a heart shape for his proposal, but the man was turned down.

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AeroMobil 3.0 Flying Car is Coming (Photo/Video)

The dream from the past to create a flying car is happening today, the science-fiction technology we saw in different movies every now and then. From today’s technology we expect more every next day, but, from AeroMobil 3.0 flying car is now a reality.

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iOS 8 Update: How to download Apple iOS 8 update

The newest update for your Apple devices is here, download update for iOS 8 is now available. Know more on how to update your Apple device.