BMW 328i 2014 Model is Top Pick Sport Sedan of the Year

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Did 2014 BMW 328i Sedan meet Reliability, Test Performance and Safety? Of course, let’s have a preview to the Top Pick Sport Sedan of the year the BMW 328i Sedan 2014.

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2014 BMW 328i Sedan Wins Top Sport Sedan Award.
Image Credit: BMW USA

Consumer Reports Top Picks 2014 Award for the Sport Sedan Category, the BMW 328i Sedan won. Continuing to set the standard for a sports sedan the BMW 328i was voted as the 2014 Sports Sedan of the year.

As stated in ConsumerReports.org:

The 3 Series has long set the standard for sports sedans. And the current model delivers excellent handling and a high fun-to-drive factor. It’s also roomier, more luxurious, and more fuel-efficient than past models. The 328i’s 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine is quick and thrifty, posting 28 mpg overall, which is best among gas-powered models in its class. Ride comfort and fit and finish are also impressive, although the rear seat is a bit snug. A diesel version, called the 328d, is new for 2014.

BMW 328i Sedan winning passion, the luxury line has been styled for the most discerning tastes and highlights the sophistication of the 3 Series.

To get your BMW 328i Sedan now, starting at $37,300 MSRP is US with 240 horsepower, 2.0-liter, inline 4-cylinder engine, rear-wheel drive.

Watch the video below of BMW328i Top Sport Sedan of the year.

Video Credit: BMW USA

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