Arnold Schwarzenegger Personal Tank Smashes Mercedes (video)

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Personal Tank Smashes Mercedes

Arnold Schwarzenegger drives M47 Patton tank and Smashes Mercedes
Image Credit: Collider.com

Arnold Schwarzenegger personally drives and crushes a Mercedes with his M47 Patton tank in front of film critics on Friday.

Report says, Schwarzenegger has his own tank, and he used it personally to smashes a Mercedes car at the Melody Ranch Studio in Los Angeles, according to reports of several entertainment news sites.

Schwarzenegger’s holds press event in accordance with his latest film, “The Last Stand” featuring the former governor of California in his lead action role which opens January 18.

Schwarzenegger acquired the tank in 1992, which was fascinated by tanks, reports added.

Schwarzenegger quoted:

“I learned how to drive the tank, which was always my fascination, I think, because I grew up after the war, and I saw the British troops that occupied our area. So I always wanted to be a tank driver.”

The Terminator action star invites group of journalist to show off his M47 Patton tank and ride along with him, the same tank he drove while still on duty in the Austrian Army in the 1960s.

According to note of Germain Lussier:

It might start off kind of boring, but at :44 you can begin to see Arnold himself and, later, you can see inside the tank at him working the controls. Stick with it!

Watch the video below of Arnold Schwarzenegger personally drives and crushes a car.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Crushes A Car With His Tank
Video Credit: YouTube/Germain Lussier
I Rode In A Tank With Arnold Schwarzenegger
Video Credit: YouTube/Germain Lussier

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