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Still Operational Apple I Computer Sold for $671k

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Still Operational Apple I Computer Sold for $671k.
Image Credit: Apple /Inquiry Card Circle No.42

Yah! You read it right, it’s an Apple I computer and it was sold for $671k. Even it’s an Apple the $671k for a personal computer is more pricy than a latest iMac or MacBook Pro but for this anonymous bidder it’s much worth it to have one of an aged gadget from Apple that still working.

The still operational Apple I computer sold for $671k in an auction house in Cologne, Germany, won by an unnamed auction-goer. Placing a huge winning bid for a 4k bytes computer built in 1976 is somehow a computer enthusiast or extreme gadget collector or whatever we called it.

As stated in Today’s iPhone, the Apple-I computer sold for $671k beat the $640k auction house record in year 2012 and quoted that the winning bidder was described as being “a wealthy entrepreneur from the Far East”.

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The Apple-1 that sold for $671,400 in an auction was only $666.66 the time it was launched by the Apple Computer company (Apple Inc. NASDAQ: AAPL) which Steve Wozniak designed and Steve Jobs marketed in 1976. Having a specifications of 6502 Microprocessor, 16-pin 4k bytes RAM, ASCII keyboard interface on-board, full video display electronics, cassette interface board FAST – 1 Kilobaud, and Apple Basic pseudo compiled.

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