53 King Cobras in Car: Vietnam Police found King Cobras in a Car

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A Vietnam police about to apprehend the car driver for violating traffic laws while driving on Phap Van Highway in Hoang Mai district and they amaze what they found out, the police officer found 53 king cobras inside a car.

53 king cobras in car

53 King Cobras found in a Car. Image Credit: (left) King Cobra blog, (right) Thanh Nien News site

The venomous King Cobras were found alive inside the car and secured in the green sacks, according to reports of Thanh Nien News the exotic animals will transport to Hanoi.

The 53 king cobras were contract to transport by a car driver name Nguyen Van Hai, he told to the police that he was paid to bring the snakes from northern province of Vinh Phuc to Hanoi. A man named Hop hired him and paid VND1 million (US$47.31) to deliver the snakes.

Hai, 30, was arrested since hunting and trading of the snakes is banned in Vietnam. The cobra meat brings good prices in the market and is often considered a delicacy in Vietnam and other countries. In some cases cobra snake are also use as traditional forms of medicine.

The seized king cobras were taken to a wildlife rescue center and will undergo for medical assessment before send them back to their home, in the wild, reports added.

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