42 Alien Planets Found: Amateur Astronomers Discover Planet Closed to Movie Avatar

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42 Alien Planets Found

Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox, movie Avatar

Remember the 2009 science fiction film, “Avatar” by James Cameron,” a team of amateur astronomers discover planet closed to Pandora.

Amateur Astronomers newly discover planet “PH2 b” a Jupiter-size world and among other 42 alien planets found.

Based on the artist’s Impression, the image below illustrates the view from a moon around newly found planet PH2 b, which is much closed to habitable planet Pandora in the movie Avatar.

Planet PH2 b, the habitable moon

Planet PH2 b, artist perspective.
Image Credit: Haven Giguere

According to Ji Wang, a postdoctoral researcher at Yale University:

 “Any moon around this newly discovered, Jupiter-sized planet might be habitable”

“It’s very similar to what was depicted in the movie ‘Avatar’ – the habitable moon Pandora around a giant planet, Polyphemus”

These alien planets discoveries of amateur astronomer could be potentially habitable according to Space.com post on Friday, Jan 11.

The team of amateur astronomers composed of forty members who join the Planet Hunters project and discovered the new planet candidates, which include 15 potentially habitable worlds and PH2 b, a Jupiter-size planet that the team confirmed to be in the habitable zone of its parent star, as stated on the post.

Several candidate planets found in the project and subject for confirmation by professional astronomers. The article also talk about that this is the second time Planet Hunters project, which is overseen by Zooniverse , has confirmed a new Exoplanet discovery.

As stated in the statement of University of Oxford’s Chris Lintott, who reins the Zooniverse:

“These are planet candidates that slipped through the net, being missed by professional astronomers and rescued by volunteers in front of their web browsers”

“It’s remarkable to think that absolutely anyone can discover a planet.”

Article source Space.com.

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