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3-year-old Boy Egg Collector Hatch Deadly Snakes In His Wardrobe (video)

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Deadly snakes hatch in toddlers wardrobe

Image Credit: Trish Prendergast

A toddler egg collector hatch deadly snakes in his wardrobe accidentally, a few weeks ago Kyle Cummings has kept a bunch of eggs that he found in the perimeter yard of there house in Nome, North Queensland.

Corresponding to The Sydney Morning Herald reports, Kyle Cummings a 3-year-old boy unintentionally collect eggs of highly venomous snakes. Kyle put the eggs(snake eggs) in a plastic container and tightly closed the lid then piled it inside his bedroom closet.

Kyle’s mothers visits the boy wardrobe last Monday and discover seven baby snakes. Cummings family immediately secure the newly hatch deadly snakes to the nearby sanctuary.

Sanctuary authority contacted local wildlife caretakers from North Queensland Wildlife Care. Trish Prendergast, Wildlife Care coordinator, was rightly shocked when she was handed the container of deadly reptiles.

According to Ms. Trish Prendergast:

”They are born highly venomous, they don’t grow their venom”.

”Their fangs would be extremely tiny [an adult brown snake’s fangs are between three and five millimetres long] … so the chance of one piercing the skin would be very unlikely, but if one had envenomated on the little boy and he had then put his hand in his mouth, or had a cut on his hand, he might not be here today.”

Cummings family immediately contacted by Ms Prendergast to ensure no one from them had touched the deadly snakes. And she also stated that Kyles was very lucky not to have been confronted by the mother snake while he was collecting the snake eggs in the nest.

Watch the video report below of the 3-year-old Hatch Deadly Snakes In His Wardrobe.

Toddler Egg Collector Hatch Deadly Snakes In His Wardrobe-video
Video Credit: YouTube/Reddawn043/Courier Mail

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