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27-pound lobster caught in Maine (Video and Photo)

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27-pound lobster caught in Maine was reportedly caught by Robert Malone, shrimp fisherman named the 27-pound lobster Rocky because it was caught in the Maine coast Rockland area, below this post is the 27-pound lobster video and photo.

Giant Lobster

27-pound lobster, Dir. Aimee Hayden-Rodriguez - Image Credit: Maine State Aquarium /AP Photo

According to reports of several international news sites, the 27-pound lobster, 40 inch long, brought by Malone in the Department of Marine Resources to show off his huge catch. Later on, Marine patrol transfers the giant lobster to the Maine State Aquarium.

Aimee Hayden-Rodriguez, Director of Maine State Aquarium said that she had never seen a lobster as big as Rocky, the State Aquarium’s previous giant lobster which weighed around 23-pounds.

The world’s biggest lobster on record was weighed more than 40 pounds and caught in the coast of Nova Scotia.

The average size of lobster serve for dinner is typically one to two pounds, and for Malone his 27-pound lobster is better to release back into the ocean instead of his dinner.


Video Credit: todaysthv.com

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