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Girl who doesn’t grow up: ‘Syndrome X’ traps Woman in child’s body (Video)

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Girl who doesn’t grow up, Brooke Greenfield and her mother Melanie

New York, 2009, Girl who doesn’t grow up, Brooke Greenfield and her mother Melanie
Image Credit: Fox News

Meet Brooke Greenberg, the 20-year-old adult woman trapped inside a toddler’s body, Brooke is now a child frozen in time or maybe the eternal life.

A 20-year-old toddler is now baffled science, is this really a “medical mystery” or “the fountain of youth” some peopling quoted those words when they found out Brooke’s condition, the Girl who doesn’t grow up.

The supposed to be 20-year-old woman is still remained physically and cognitively similar to a toddler. Brooke Greenberg is an American from Maryland who celebrates her 20th birthday on January 8, 2013, but apparently she is unable to talk and still travels in a push chair like an ordinary infant.

According to Brooke’s father, Howard Greenberg:

“From age one to four, Brooke changed. She got a little bit bigger. But age four, four to five, she stopped.”

Several international sites reported and documentary about Brooke Greenberg uncommon condition and appears in television several times but stills science has no definition on it. As stated to a Jan 10, 2013 report of Mail Online, “She has been examined by some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the U.S., however no formal diagnosis for Brooke’s condition has been given, leading doctors to term her condition Syndrome X.

“It was beyond description,” Dr. Eben Alexander said, author of the book “Proof of Heaven” – No. 1 New York Times best seller.

“Dr Eric Schadt of @MountSinaiNYC says Brooke is the only person like her that they’ve ever seen, her case could help explain aging,” tweet from @KatieShow.

Brooke had a very supportive family that takes care of her 24 hours a day, “It’s been 16 years of on the job training, giving her medicine, knowing when she’s sick, knowing the right amount,” Melanie Greenberg said, mother of the 20-year-old toddler.

20-year-old toddler with Syndrome X, adult traps in child's body

20-year-old toddler with her younger sister Carly. Image Credit: Katie

Brooke younger sister Carly is now 17-year-old and loves her very much.

The key with Brooke is we don’t know what tomorrow brings,” Mr. Greenberg said.

Watch the video documentary of a 20-year-old toddler traps adult in a child’s body.

Girl who doesn’t grow up, incredible medical mysteries
Video Credit: YouTube/videolover1999isback

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