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20-Feet Monster Crocodile sets World Records

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The 20-feet monster crocodile sets world records as “World’s Largest Crocodile in Captivity,” a salt water crocodile captured in Philippines.

Worlds Largest Crocodile

Image Credit: AFP

According to Guiness, the man-eating crocodile who makes history name “Lolong” is weighing more than a ton and measured 6.17m (20.24 ft) from his ghastly snout up to the tip of his tail.

Lolong who sets World Records which was captured last year in Agusan del Sur Province of Mindanao, Philippines is responsible in eating two people a young girl and a fisherman of the said province. It took more than 100 people using steel cable and crane to take Lolong in a procured place.

Lolong spends his day with local and foreign sightseer from nearby city and even international tourist.

Now, the 20-feet monster crocodile “Lolong” is held in a custom built enclosure at Bunawan Eco-park and Research Centre, Philippines.

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