600 pound Giant black marlin cracks fishing boat crews on-board (Video)

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A 600-pound giant black marlin steps on-board onto a fishing boat in Australia.  A crew aboard the “Little Audrey” learned that a big fish jumps on their boat a giant black marlin off Cairns, Australia.

Giant marlin leaps on fishing boat

Image Credit: screenshot YouTube /Jeff Hudson

Conferring to the reports of Malaysian Digest, as the crew aboard he discovered recently that he is already fighting a 600-pound black marlin on their fishing boat. The giant black marlin leaps quickly on the cruiser as it’s being reeled in by a fisherman in a combating stool of the fishing boat.

All crew on-board luckily cleared the situation having only minor injuries and the powerful marlin was released.
Watch the video as the “Little Audrey” fishing boat crew engaging the 600-pound giant black marlin.


600 lbs Giant Black Marlin leaps on a fishing boat
Video Credit: YouTube /Jeff Hudson

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