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125-mile Traffic Jam makes travelers trapped and chilled (video)

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125-mile Traffic Jam

125-mile Traffic Jam traps drivers in Russia
Image Credit: Reuters/CNN/MoviEchoes

The 125-mile Traffic Jam traps drivers in Russia, thousands of travelers trapped and chilled in a motorway between Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia.

A 125-mile traffic jam due to heavy snow for the last few days as stated in the reports of several international news sites reported on Monday, December 03, 2012.

Report says that the bumper-to-bumper of travelers was due to heavy snow since last week. The three feet snow traps the travelers and chilled them out all over weekend.

A statement from the spokesman for the Interior Ministry’s State Automobile Inspectorate said that,
Travel remains stop-and-go for a stretch of between 135 and 190 kilometers (84-118 miles) on M-10 in Tver Region. One lane in each direction is clear of snow. Trucks are moving at roughly 5-10 kilometers per hour (3-6 mph)“.

As the commuters trapped for so long government emergency agencies make their moves to provide hot food and drinks, setup tents and give them available psychological support.

(Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov) is making sure that all necessary measures are being taken and that all vital personnel in afflicted regions have everything they need, particularly for the warming stations and hot food distribution along the highway,” added by the ministry spokesman.

Meanwhile, the days-long nightmare of 125-miles traffic jam was already down to more or less 30-miles as of yesterday evening.


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