12 pound Gold Nugget: Amateur Miner Found Huge Gold Nugget (video)

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12-pound Gold Nugget: Amateur Miner Found Huge Gold Nugget

Image Credit: Youtube screen grab

A 12-pound Gold Nugget found by amateur miner, huge gold nugget has been discovered in southern Australia.

The treasure was discovered by a local prospector and considered as largest lump of gold weighing more than five kilograms which is extremely rare, the worth of lifetime catch is more than $300,000.

The 12-pound Gold Nugget was discovered by an amateur miner in Ballarat using a hand-held detector “Minelab Gold Detector GPX-5000” at a depth of a 60 centimeters.

As seen on the video posted in Youtube, the 12-pound Gold nugget is really huge Y-shaped and the lucky explorer identity is unrevealed.

The local prospector rushed to the Ballarat Mining Exchange Gold Shop after the said gold nugget was found, shop owner Cordell Kent said, 30 kilometres of the Ballarat CBD, writes The Courier.

According to Cordell Kent:

“If you are silly enough to melt it down, it would be worth just under $300,000 on market value. But as a nugget at this size and shape, it’s worth significantly more than that.”
“I can’t remember a nugget this big ever being found locally.”

Watch the video below of 12-pound Gold Nugget.

Video Credit: YouTube/CalMeMayBe

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